the 10min playfulness challenge


Playfulness as an adult is about mucking around. It’s about diminishing anxiety, reducing overload, and becoming more creative. When we’re playful, we operate at our best. We think with a clarity and a swiftness. We bring teams together rather than push them apart. 

Research has shown that workplaces that embrace playfulness experience less burnout and build more resilient teams that are happier in their work, more proactive and experience less stress. 

However, all to often as adults we are encouraged to banish play from our professional lives altogether. A cultural narrative that has built a culture of ‘stressfulness and seriousness’. 

But with a more disruptive world around us, individuals and employers need to shake off this old conditioning and help build collaborative, cooperative, curious, creative – playful – teams. 

Here’s where Chris Marshall’s 10 min playfulness challenge comes in.

Start by watching Chris’s TEDx talk on The Playfulness Principle. 

Let us know how you got on with your playfulness challenge. 

Chris Marshall