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“Always a privilege to hear Chris speak. Insightful stories that really make you sit-up and think.”
David Williams, MBE
“From the moment Chris got on stage, he had the audience captivated and eating out the palm of his hand.”
Erika Clegg

Motivational & Keynote Speaker

Chris has always been passionate about sharing his ideas and insights. He thrives on engaging with audiences, helping them view the world through a refreshed lens.

With extensive experience spanning behavioral science, professional foresight, and global macro strategy, Chris brings a wealth of stories and insights to the table. He’s renowned for his captivating talks and unique perspective on a multitude of topics, especially those centered around navigating fast-paced environments and unlocking human potential.

Chris’s keynotes aren’t just a transfer of knowledge; they’re an experience. They are crafted to be informative, engaging, and thought-provoking. Far from overwhelming you with academic jargon, Chris regales audiences with compelling stories, intertwining humor and wisdom in a manner that leaves listeners both entertained and enlightened.

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"We're at a major pivot point in human history" - Chris Marshall

The world is at a pivotal point. Change is occurring at every level of society. Those who don’t understand how this is playing out, and how innovation jumps – risk falling behind. 

In this book, I peel back the uncertainty surrounding global change. Look at frameworks to better see and understand change, and look at how innovation cycles, information revolutions and shifts in cultural philosophy have unfolded through history, and how such changes can impact us as individuals and broader society. 

Thought leader & Podcast Guest

Chris Marshall is a recognised expert who’s become a top pick for podcast shows worldwide. He’s been a guest on more than 30 podcasts in just the past year, talking about how the world is changing and how this affects our health, decision-making, workplaces and businesses. 

Key topics Chris speaks on:
- benefits of embracing neurodiversity
- human flourishing in times of disruption
- Building truly resilient teams
- The Power of Playfulness
- The link between stress, burnout and disruption
- why the best leaders focus on self-mastery
- The Pause Play Move (PPM) Method

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