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Adam Baruh, Host Of Beyond The Microphone Podcast

Hi, I'm Chris!

So, I’m Chris, a keynote and public speaker focused on global change, helping individuals, teams, and organisations thrive in times of heightened uncertainty, like our world today.

But let’s start with the basics. How did I get to speak on the topic of human potential and global change? Well, first off, I’m a multipotentialite (I have many interests and pursuits), and I’m also neurodivergent (I am autistic and dyslexic; my brain is simply wired slightly differently). As such, my work covers many fields of research, from psychology, behavioural science, economics, history, philosophy, sociology, and business.

Much of our modern culture promotes the idea of hyper-specialization. It’s great, but it also has its weaknesses. It puts blinkers on and prevents you from seeing things that are not straight in front of you. But in a rapidly changing world, it’s vital to see what’s all around you.

So, I went the other way – set about drawing on multiple and diverse ranges of ideas and thinking to help solve complex, multifaceted issues. As such, I bring a slightly unconventional but fresh perspective, drawing lines between many things that our modern culture silos.

In my talks, I teach people and teams to take the blinkers off and see the world in a new way so that they can be more curious, creative, and collaborative.

If personality types interest you, I’m a ‘Tigger’ – an ESTP on the Myers Briggs personality inventory. In practical terms, I’m high-energy, highly creative, and love nothing more than exploring wherever curiosity leads me, often diving into metaphorical rabbit holes.

Why? Simply the reward of satiated curiosity (and probably the following dopamine rush).

As my work spans multiple fields, I hold a number of ‘titles’ from Behavioral Scientist, psychotherapist, Futurist, Macro Investor, Author, Speaker, Podcaster – oh and Master Distiller.

My speaking and writing allow me to bring all of these together, with a common thread of global change. Whether understanding historical patterns of change or analysing current trends and megatrends to better understand the forces shaping our current era. The TEDx talk I gave in 2023 delves into some of these ideas and why we need to focus on a different type of resiliency in a highly uncertain world. Our current approaches are not working; this is seen at the individual level in rising levels of stress and anxiety, as well as at the team or organisational level.

In psychology, I developed the PPM Method, a framework based on my research and that of fellow scientists. It emphasises the often-overlooked benefits of pausing and cultivating playfulness to navigate turbulent times (PPM stands for Pause Play Move).

In 2023, I founded the Refuel Clinic, where, as a registered psychotherapist, I work with other multi-passionate individuals, creatives, and entrepreneurs—those most affected by our rapidly changing and highly uncertain world.

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"We're at a major pivot point in human history" - Chris Marshall

The world is at a pivotal point. Change is occurring at every level of society. Those who don’t understand how this is playing out, and how innovation jumps – risk falling behind. 

In this book, I peel back the uncertainty surrounding global change. Look at frameworks to better see and understand change, and look at how innovation cycles, information revolutions and shifts in cultural philosophy have unfolded through history, and how such changes can impact us as individuals and broader society. 


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