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Introducing Chris Marshall: a dynamic keynote speaker specialising in empowering individuals and organisations through transformative change. Chris brings a wealth of knowledge by combining his expertise as a behavioural scientist, performance coach, and psychotherapist with over 15 years of experience operating in investment management and the entrepreneurial world.

In 2023, Chris founded the Refuel Clinic, a performance coaching and psychotherapy practice catering to the needs of entrepreneurs and investment professionals, assisting not only with stress, anxiety, burnout and trauma but also areas such as unconscious bias and emotional intelligence.

At the heart of Chris’s approach lies the innovative PPM Method, or Pause Play Move Method —a result of his ongoing research into the often overlooked benefits of adult playfulness. This powerful framework equips audiences with the tools to navigate high-stakes, high-stress environments without succumbing to burnout.

Chris, as a speaker at your next event

As a seasoned speaker, Chris has captivated audiences worldwide in person and through various podcast appearances, including a compelling TEDx talk in 2023. His ability to distil complex concepts into engaging narratives makes him a sought-after voice in resilience and adaptation.

In addition to his speaking engagements, Chris is the author of “Decoding Change: Understanding What the Heck Is Going On and Why We Should Be Optimistic About Our Future.” This insightful book, rooted in behavioural science, offers readers a fresh perspective on navigating the currents of change.

Inspire, inform, and empower

Chris Marshall is the ideal choice for events seeking a speaker who can inspire, inform, and empower. With his unique blend of expertise and charisma, Chris delivers a transformative experience that resonates long after the applause fades.

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"We're at a major pivot point in human history" - Chris Marshall

The world is at a pivotal point. Change is occurring at every level of society. Those who don’t understand how this is playing out, and how innovation jumps – risk falling behind. 

In this book, I peel back the uncertainty surrounding global change. Look at frameworks to better see and understand change, and look at how innovation cycles, information revolutions and shifts in cultural philosophy have unfolded through history, and how such changes can impact us as individuals and broader society. 


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If you love history, forecasts, or making decisions based on scientific facts and intelligent conclusions, you should read this book. And if you don’t, the book’s deeply researched content and logical conclusions will win you over.

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