Chris Marshall to Speak at TEDx Cowes 2023 on ‘The Playfulness Principle’

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We are thrilled to announce that Chris Marshall will be taking the stage at the prestigious TEDx Cowes event this November 2023. He’ll be delving into a topic that’s not only close to his heart but is also crucial for today’s evolving world: ‘The Playfulness Principle.’

In an era where enjoying life and solving its myriad problems can seem poles apart, Chris champions the transformative power of playfulness. He believes it’s more than just an approach to life; it’s a mindset. This mindset has the potential to foster creativity, encourage experimentation, build resilient teams, and enhance collaboration.

Gone are the days of rigid, vertical management systems that were born during the industrial revolution. The world today demands flexibility, adaptability, and innovative thinking. As humanity faces significant challenges ahead, the solutions lie not in more of the same but in reimagining our approach. Chris posits that embracing playfulness could be the key to unlocking these solutions.

Join Chris at TEDx Cowes and explore how we can channel our inner playfulness, not just to enrich our lives but to tackle the substantial hurdles the future holds. Let’s reframe challenges, rethink solutions, and rediscover the joy in collaboration and creativity. See you there!

Chris Marshall

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