Playfulness. Why Playfulness?

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As kids, we’re naturally playful – it’s how we learn, adapt, and see the world. Somewhere along the journey to adulthood, though, many of us tend to sideline our playful tendencies in favor of “grown-up” behaviors. But let’s hit the rewind button and revisit the time when our world was full of wonder, experimentation, and giggles. Welcome to the first post in our series, diving deep into the essence of playfulness!

The story starts with the Industrial Revolution, an era of steam engines, factories, and the birth of modern management. Businesses boomed, focusing on outputs, efficiency, and squeezing as much productivity out of the day as possible. Emotions? There wasn’t any room for those – they were seen as unproductive. This “emotions-free” approach was applied not just in businesses but also in personal lives. We started living in a world of neatly organized compartments: Work here. Play there. Never the twain shall meet.

Sadly, while productivity soared, so did stress, anxiety, and burnout. Something was amiss. Could it be that we had snuffed out one of our most natural and powerful inclinations: playfulness?

Playfulness in adults isn’t about frivolity or being “silly”. It’s about embracing life with curiosity, joy, and adaptability. It’s about recognizing that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to challenges. When we play, we experiment. We try new things. We fail, we laugh, and we try again. That’s resilience! It’s about finding our flow and navigating the ever-changing maze of life with grace.

Imagine a world where being playful wasn’t limited to weekends or vacations. Imagine if we incorporated playfulness into our work and our daily decision-making. The result? We’d be more attuned to others, less hostile, and filled with a zest that makes us naturally more cooperative and charismatic.

Playfulness is about living at our optimal. It’s the secret sauce to not just surviving, but thriving in a world that never stops changing. So, next time you’re faced with a challenge or even just an ordinary Tuesday, try tapping into your playful side. It’s been there all along, just waiting to come out and dance in the sunlight.

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into the world of playfulness in our upcoming posts. It promises to be a journey filled with discoveries, giggles, and perhaps, a few playful detours!

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